Chemical Spill Kits

Chemical spills are dangerous and it’s important to use the appropriate products and techniques to ensure your workers safety is a priority and potential environmental damage is minimised. Chemical product suppliers will provide the best advice along with a product MSDS.

Trade Enviro supply HAZCHEM / Chemical Kits for a wide variety of chemicals suitable for pH ranges of 4- 10.

If the wrong absorbent is used it can cause dangerous conditions including: gassing, dangerous vapours, fire and smouldering.

HAZCHEM kits come in standard ranges: vehicle kits, 140 and 240L kits.

General Spill KitsOil Spill Kits


240 L wheelie bin1
Poly Mini booms 1.2x.753
Poly Mini booms 3x102
Poly pillow1
400gsm poly pads50
200gsm wipes 10
Nitrile gloves2
10kg bag Floor Sweep3
Dispose bag and tie3


Vehicle kit bag1
Poly Mini booms 1.2x.753
400gsm poly pads
Nitrile gloves1
Dispose bag and tie2


240 L wheelie bin1
Poly Mini booms 1.2x.753
Poly Mini booms 3x102
Poly pillow3
400gsm poly pads125
Nitrile gloves2

What type of spill kit do you need?

To select the right spill kit you need to identify the spill risks on site first. Always consult your hazardous liquid suppliers and products MSDS for suitable precautionary measures and always remember personal protective equipment and safety should also be a consideration.

Our Spill Kits stand out and that’s important on a work site for clear identification, fast response and effective spill management.

Our colour scheme means your kits are easily identified in emergency situations and can be rapidly deployed to mitigate spills. Our range covers all bases and comes with instructions on how to use. We have local supply and can dispatch within a days’ notice.

PRO TIP: When choosing an appropriate kit make sure you’re aware of the different options available. Any provider should be able to readily change the contents to customise a solution that fits your requirements, talk to the provider about the risk on site to select a kit. You may need more floor sweep then pads if you’re mechanical based or more pads and booms if you’re working on the water.

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