City Wide Detailing Custom Wash Mat Case Study

CLIENT: City Wide Detailing

Vehicle Wash Mat and Car

PRODUCT: Custom Wash Mat 10m x 5m

SCENARIO: City Wide Detailing came to Trade Enviro looking for a relocatable option for washing vehicles. They were moving premises soon and didn’t want anything permanently dedicated because of the fact they would soon move and wanted to take the Vehicle Wash Mat with them. We designed a 10 x 5mtr wash mat for the client and presented them the concept assuring they could easily fold up and move the wash mat when it was needed. The 10 x 5 made room for two smaller vehicles to be on the mat at once making the process handling more effective.  Trade Enviro offer a full range of wash down solutions from permanent fixed wash bays to temporary and relocatable wash bays. We also supply a range of floor bunding to contain wash-down areas for those that have a dedicated area to wash down. If you have a dedicated pit that needs a screening solution we can do that too!

Please read here for more information on our solutions for vehicle wash mats.

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