Customised Solution – Vehicle Wash Mats Case Study

Wash Bay 1Wash Mat Design and LayoutOur client came to Trade Enviro seeking the construction of a customised wash mat solution. Trade Enviro supply a range of vehicle wash mats of all sizes. Our Vehicle wash mats are strong and reliable built to handle the highest pressure washers and potential chemicals utilized in these processes. They consist of high-quality PVC and closed cell high-frequency foam.

The client required a customised Wash Mat with custom ramps and side screens as the client didn’t want any spray drift from the wash down process leaving the site.


Trade Environmental did this by fabricating custom frames and panels incorporating side screens to the clients wants and desires to assure that they would meet their specific environmental concerns.

Designing the system on paper was an imperative part of the process, ensuring all parties were happy with the solution. We like to get it right the first time.

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