De Watering Bags

Need to avoid sending turbid water to the stormwater network?

Our de-watering bags are a standard construction of none woven geotextile made into dewatering filters bags for filtration of discharge waters and to reduce turbidity. We have a range of sizes available up to 6m Long to suit pumping options and our standard construction is strong and reliable.

Dewatering Bags

Packaged into boxes they freight well and we can deliver de-watering bags most places in Australia. Made from 270gsm, 90 micron geo textile with double stitched edges.

De watering bags are effective at controlling sediment and are normally used around construction sites that work near the water or on the water. Usually the overland run off from a construction site is very turbid and settlement via pond with screening through a silt curtain and discharged through de-watering bags makes an effective treatment train and management plan for site stormwater runoff.

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