Fence Boom

A reactive response to marine fuel and oil spill emergencies. Suitable for rapid deployment and easily stored in small areas

Fence booms (also known as an oil fence) are flat fence style oil containment booms made from flat panels and square sections. This means the fence boom has slightly less buoyant force. Typically a fence boom is affected by excessive wind and should be used in smooth waters only. The main advantages of our fence booms is storage, they are light weight and can be deployed fast for spill cleanup.

The flat shapes and form of the fence boom allows it to fold neatly into smaller areas such as bags and storage racks and boom reels. They can be packaged into a fully containerised spill response system and are more economical to freight per meter.

Our fence booms are built with the same integrity as our containment booms and debris booms with all the standard features included.

Closed-cell foam floatation, PVC casings: UV stabilized materials and ballast chain anchor system.

Widely used as an emergency response boom, fence booms can be deployed fast and efficiently. Approx. 400mtr of fence boom can be stored on a large hydraulic boom reel making them a great spill response and spill cleanup system for larger scale risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fence Booms

  • Why would I use a fence boom instead of a regular containment boom?
    When you haven’t got a lot of room e.g. working from a vessel, dredge or small vehicle where a lot of space is consumed by equipment. When you need to get a lot of boom out fast and also when you want to store it on a reel or similar.
  • Do Fence Booms Absorb Oil?
    No, they are non oil absorbant and are primarily for spill containment.
  • How fast can I put them together:
    Fence booms like all our containment booms and silt curtains can be fit together fast for rapid deployment. We offer ready for deployment booms, but if you need to reconfigure you can fast. The ASTM connector is a fast connection requiring 1 x bolt or a spring loaded pin. 2 x sections take as little as a few seconds to fix together making hundreds of meters ready in minutes as opposed to hours.
  • Are they expensive?
    Fence booms are more expensive than conventional containment booms because of the work required manufacturing them; the flat foam components add cost due to the larger surface area. We apply the same quality workmanship making the fence boom a premium product.
  • When would conditions be too rough for a fence boom?
    If you are wondering if it’s too rough it generally is. Fence booms buoyant force is less than square style foam floats meaning any heavy duty bounce from fast moving water could cause the fence boom to bob in the water. If waves are breaking or wind forces are in excess of 2o knots it’s not advisable to use a fence boom. Think of a surf board laying on its edge and then one laying on its flat side, the fence booms buoyant characteristics are like the board on its edge.
  • Can they be towed?
    Yes they can using tow bridles and actually tow better than most marine containment products because they are flat and have less drag on the water. Fence booms are susceptible to wind and it’s advised that towing be done at slow speeds to create less wash and tension on the boom.
  • How many meters can I fit in a bag:
    For ease of handling we manufacture storage bags for 15mtr sections. The bags are 500mm x 750mm x400mm high. Custom bags can be made to your selection.
  • Do we have stock:
    Normally fence booms are made to order because they are a specialist boom and used less than conventional booms. The use of fence booms should be well thought out and a response plan implemented including deployment, re-deployment and removal.

Trade Enviro can design a custom solution for your spill response needs according to your site specifics.

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