Hillery Group – Silt Curtain Case Study

Hillery Group came to Trade Enviro for a silt curtain with a 2-meter drop for a job site in Airlie Beach, We also supplied all anchoring components including floats and riser lines for the job. Silt Curtains are designed to contain and control silt plume migration from aquatic systems during project construction.Trade Environmental are specialists in the design, supply and or installation of silt curtains to control silt migration and releases, assuring that you meet your project/job time frame and targets.

Working with Hillery group Trade EnAirlie Beachvironmental devised the best curtain materials and anchoring for the job and also worked to the Authorities requirement for the type of geotextile skirt utilised in the curtain to meet their environmental requirements. Working with Hillery Group directly in the development of their Silt Curtain allowed us to meet their exact requirement which was instrumental in assuring that the installation and use of their silt curtain was effective and met their every need.

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