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Drain Warden

The unit is 1.2m x 1.2m meaning it retro fits into most stormwater pits easily with much less down time than conventional GPT installations. 

The drain warden is a geotextile stormwater filter with hydro-carbon retention capabilities, designed to be retrofitted fast and economically to almost any stormwater pit. Used for temporary and permanent measures the drain safe stormwater filter is 90 micron, needle punched geotextile and very effective at controlling silt and sediment runoff. The unit is 1.2m x 1.2m meaning it retrofits into most stormwater pits easily with much less downtime than conventional GPT installations. If site runoff restricts your projects you could find a drain warden provides enough debris and sediment control to keep you on the move.


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The filter is soft and fits into pits that are not uniform or straight or old and crumbly. A lot of warehouses and industrial sites are old leased buildings that might not have stormwater protection. The Drain warden is perfect for these applications because installations don’t require cutting concrete and digging pits, meaning less downtime, less expense. The warden is fitted with an absorbent sock for hydrocarbon absorption that has a 5L capacity and works both at capturing and retaining particles and well as absorbing hydrocarbons.

PRO TIP: Drain safes are simple and easy to use but it’s important to be prepared for the install all the same. Are you dealing with a light duty class grate? Or a heavy-duty class D grate with a hinge? This will determine how you lift the grate safely. Make sure when you have raised a grate that you appropriately barricade the area with witches hats or similar to ensure no one person or vehicle falls into the exposed pit.

Available Configurations

ModelDescriptionDepthGeo - Textile Specification
TEDW1.21.2 x 1.2 drain warden600mm270 GSM
90 micron
TEDW2.42.4 x 2.4 drain warden600mm270 GSM
90 micron


  1. How often do I have to clean it?
    This depends on how much sediment is running from your site and how much of the sites run off are exiting via the stormwater pit. To extend the life of a drain warden make sure lose debris and rubbish is swept up and or taken away on site. You can also use other filtration devices in conjunction creating treatment trains and dual pass systems such as silt socks and fences. Users should inspect the catch pits after rain events and formulate a management plan to ensure they are maintained and performing.
  2. How often should I replace it?
    Making sure you maintain it by cleaning it out as required will extend the life greatly but again a replacement time frame can’t be given as lifespan is site-specific. Trade Enviro offer a stormwater protection plan where we install and replace drain safes every 3 mths ensuring your pits are cleaned and the products are working efficiently for you.
  3. How expensive are they?
    To our knowledge, this product is the most affordable and easily installed product on the market for stormwater protection and filtration. Trade Enviro discount box orders of 10 units or more.
  4. How fast can I get my hands on some?
    Call us and find out- we probably have stock on the sunshine coast now and could have them delivered today.
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Silt Warden

The Silt Warden is the big brother of our Drain Warden. Its tough construction is designed for use in or around construction activities. It’s made from UV stabilized horticultural cloth and has lifting loops to be attached to a machine for removal. Hemmed edges and a robust design allow the Silt Warden to sit on some of the roughest construction sites and still work effectively. Its main purpose is containing silt and sediment and has no hydrocarbon capture; its main purpose is Silt and a lot of it.

Silt Warden

Our silt wardens can be washed out and re-used; they have a huge capacity and can be manhandled on site. They handle larger particle well and have a good internal surface area meaning they are still effective in heavy rain and after some fouling. The robust constructions allow you to keep re-using the filter saving time and money.

PRO TIP: If you’re not sure between the drain warden and the silt warden remember the drain warden can handle minor amounts of hydrocarbon and is well suited to hard stands, car parks, and storage areas. The Silt warden is a workhorse designed to reduce silt leaving construction sites and doesn’t have hydrocarbon retention capabilities.


  1. Will it hold back fine particle?
    It will depend on the particle, the material is similar to shade cloth so it’s still porous but it won’t handle superfine particle. As the filter slowly fills it becomes more effective up until it reaches its max overload point in which the product should be cleaned out and put back as soon as possible. Silt wardens are considered a help toward silt mitigation and can be used in conjunction with other products such as silt socks, coir logs for a more effective result and longer period between housekeeping.
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