Temporary Bunding

A fast response temporary spill solution

Temporary Bunding

Our temporary bunding creates a short-term spill containment solution for a wide range of applications including drum and liquid storage management by capturing incidental spills from leaking drums and other storage vessels. They are highly effective as an emergency bund, needed quickly for leaking drums or other products. We supply 1, 2 and 4 drum configurations and can also customise a solution to suit your site requirements. Our bunds are tough and reliable, foldable and easily stored, making a great addition to your liquid storage management.

Our temporary bunding is made from HD PVC, UV treated to handle Australia’s harsh environment. They are fusion welded and sealed. The bund profile is made from crumble resistant foam making them lightweight and simple to use. Tested for a watertight seal prior to dispatch they are an economic spill control product costing very little to freight.

Trade Enviro can supply temporary bunds to work sites that have delicate handling operations anywhere in Australia, such as construction and pipe related camps and leases that require relocatable sites e.g. portable bunding and drilling operations.

The bund is designed helps keep sites clean from liquid spills and save on remediation costs when it’s time to pack up and move on.

Configuration Table

ModelInternal DimensionExternal DimensionBund HeightCapacity/VolumeConstruction


  1. How fast can I get them on site?
    We can supply anywhere in Australia fast, call us and check stocks. Manufacturing is usually completed within 1-2 days once orders are received, we can ship directly.
  2. Are they expensive?
    No, they are in fact the cheapest way to protect against a spill. You should have appropriate cleanup gear like a spill kit and or absorbent product to clean up any spills or leaks. We supply cleanup gear, talk to us today.
  3. Do you discount for bulk orders?
    We can supply temporary bunding in bulk, let us know your requirements and we will quote according to volume.
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