Spill Containment

IBC Bunded Pallet Supply

Trade Enviro supply a range of IBC bunded pallets manufactured in Australia to Australian standards. They are effective for bin and drum handling and preventative spill management and are available at a competitive price.

Our range consists of 1, 2 and 4 drum pallet options, along with bunded storage and twin spill containment pallets for IBC storage. Frames and covers are available along with lockable hardcovers. This product is ideal for outdoor bin or drum storage and preventative spill management.

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Hardcover Bund Twin Pallets
Hardcover Bund IBC Bunded Pallet

100% Australian Made. Rotationally Moulded HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Double Bunded Pallets. Corrosion resistant, strong, and durable. Designed for forklift use and delivered fast.

Price and Shipping

Our freight rates are highly competitive because our pallets nest together only taking one pallet space on a truck. This means we can nest up to 10 pallets at a time which importantly will save you money on freight. We can arrange speedy delivery anywhere in Australia. Contact us today for a price.

What are Bunded Pallets?

A spill containment pallet or secondary containment product for storage of hazardous liquids and dangerous goods e.g. flammable liquids contained within storage drums and bins. Importantly they prevent risks such as leaks and spills by containing the spill within the pallet. They are also an effective safety preventative measure you can put in place to mitigate spill risks. If you’re not sure which portable bund system will best suit your requirements, we will be happy to advise you.

Our Range

Two Drum Configuration

2 Drum IBC Bunded Pallet

Dimensions 1275mm x 815mm x 400mm (H)
Weight 23kg
Spill Capacity 230 Litres (2 x 205 Litre Drums)
Safe Working Load 600kg

*Covers and frame also available.

Four Drum Configuration

4 Drum IBC Bunded Pallet

Dimensions 1275mm x 1275mm x 310mm (H)
Weight 33kg
Spill Capacity 240 Litres (4 x 205 Litre Drums)
Safe Working Load 1000kg

*Covers and frame also available.

Bunded Pallet Covers / Frames

 Galvanised frame and heavy-duty PVC cover. Ideal for outdoor storage. Manufactured to stand up to extreme weather conditions.

  • 100% Australian made
  • Designed to avoid water build up on top of the unit
  • Heavy-duty zipper access provides easy access to bunds
  • Super Heavy Duty, UV stabilised PVC
  • 5-year guarantee (General usage. Damage by machinery not covered)
  • Large range of available options
  • The frame can easily be assembled in just a few minutes (comes flat packed to reduce shipping costs).

We can also supply based on your specific requirements, should you require a more customised order.

Hardcover Bund

Hardcover Bunded PalletTo ensure safety, outdoor storage must be secured against access by unauthorized persons. Our hardcover bunds offer a convenient, reliable solution.

  • 100% Australian made
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Super heavy duty polyethylene (PE) construction
  • Ideal for outdoor storage

Hazardous liquid storage and compliance. Your Obligations.

When you’re choosing a bunded pallet it’s important to understand your requirements for storing hazardous liquids to ensure the safety of staff.

Firstly, it’s important to know that 120% of the largest bin, drum or vessel is the capacity requirement. In a practical sense, this means you can store 4 x drums on a pallet if the drums are 100L each and you have enough capacity for 120L within the pallet. As it’s highly unlikely you would have 4 x bins leak or rupture at one time, 120% of the largest bin is seen as the compliant solution.

Secondly, we advise talking to local authorities if you are unsure of your requirements. Trade Enviro often represent their clients by talking to councils about hazardous liquid storage solutions and will happily discuss your requirements (free of charge) on your behalf. Ensuring you are using the correct product to ensure safety and environmental compliance.

Configuration Table

ModelDescriptionLengthWidthHeightCapacityLargest Drum
SP2D2 drum1275815400230L205L
SP4D4 drum12751275310240L205L
SPIBCTTwin IBC2560136061013001000L
* If viewing on a mobile device please slide from right to left to see full table data.
Click here for explanation of technical terms used in table above

Technical Terms:

  • FREEBOARD: Distance from water line to top of the float chamber
  • SKIRT: Material used between the float and the ballast chain pocket (PVC)
  • DRAFT: Distance from the water line to the bottom of the curtain
  • BALLAST: Area of curtain closest to the sea floor, weighted with gal chain to ensure curtain shape and integrity
  • CONNECTOR: ASTM standard, Z-connector


Can I store them outdoors?
Yes. If secured against unauthorised access to ensure safety.
Can I order one with a valve?
Yes. As per above, they must be secured against unauthorised access.
How much weight can they hold?
A 230L bunded pallet will handle 230kg. A 2 drum pallet shouldn’t hold anything larger than a 200L drum stored. 200L @120% = 240L capacity required.
Can I transport drums on a bunded pallet?
If you’re moving them around your warehouse slowly and ensuring you are following correct safety protocols then it shouldn’t be a problem. Care does need to be taken minimise the potential for leaks, spills, falls and other safety hazards. We don’t advise using a bunded pallet to store and freight hazardous liquids. Due to it being an uncontrolled environment. In order to tie down or fasten, the load may require too much downward force to secure it. This could damage the pallet in transport causing a major spill or leak. For transporting hazardous liquids, check with your supplier for recommended methods of transport.
How long do they last?
Longevity will always be determined by the type of application. Our pallets have a 4-year warranty against defect. When used as designed they can last up to and beyond 10 years.
How range do you have?
Our range of products include 1, 2 and 4 bin options along with pallet covers (including hardcover bunds) and frames.
How fast can we get them?
We can freight to anywhere in Australia and ship within 24 hours of receipt of purchase orders.
Is a bunded pallet the same product as a sump pallet?
Bunded pallets often go by the name sump pallet, there is no actual difference.

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