Spill Response

Floor Sweep for Spills on Hard Surfaces

Trade Enviro supply SpillSmart floor sweep as an effective solution to hydrocarbon spills on hard surfaces, land and other sensitive areas such as grass and bushlands.

Spillsmart floor sweep

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Floor Sweep Application

Most organisations that have a spill risk should be holding floor sweep. If you are ordering after the spill has taken place you’re not reacting to the spill fast enough.

The product is liberally dusted over a spill area and then worked back and forth with a broom, rake or similar creating contact with the oil/hydrocarbon until it’s absorbed and fully encapsulated.

The key to using floor sweep to remediate a spill is to make sure as you sweep the absorbent into the Fuel/Oil Hydrocarbon it leaves the mixture dry. If it’s still wet you haven’t used enough and you won’t encapsulate the spill.

We have various Floor Sweep types available from premium to a standard variety that suits all applications.

Available in 5 and 10kg bags by the single bag or by the pallet, we can ship it fast to your door with little notice and we pride ourselves on fast deliveries and quality service.

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+ What do I do with the soiled pellets?
Check with your local council regarding waste. Spill smart passes the paint filters test deeming it safe for disposal to landfill but it’s always a good idea to check with the local authorities first. Secondly, the local TIP should have advice on dumping this type of waste.
+ Does it last if I don’t use it?
Yes, our product is an organic blend of fibers sealed in pre-packaged 5kg and 10kg bags. We have had stock last for four years when kept in a dry storage area.
+ How fast can I get it?
Normally it’s in stock so most orders go out within 24 hours.

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