Marine Containment

Need to mitigate pollution risks on the water?

Proactive solutions to marine pollution. Our range includes containment booms for trapping oil and debris. Fence Booms for fast deployment. Weed and Debris Booms to contain the wider spread of rubbish and free-floating aquatic weeds and silt curtains designed to contain and control silt plume migration from aquatic systems during project construction.

Containment BoomContainment Boom

Australian made floating aquatic barriers designed to trap oil spills and debris. Ideal for both large and small-scale projects. Designed for still or open water conditions.

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NZ Weed BoomWeed and Debris Booms

Floating containment boom capable of containing rubbish and aquatic weeds in waterways. Able to withstand harsh Australian aquatic environments.

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Silt CurtainSilt Curtain

Contain and control silt migration during construction projects. We specialise in the design, supply and installation of silt curtains and have the skill and experience to ensure project time frames and conditions are first priority.

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BafflesFloating Baffles

Promote settling by increased retention time. Baffles are an impervious floating curtain designed to create a barrier in aquatic systems and promote water quality.

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