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Floor Bunding, superior drive over rubber bunding

Our Rubber floor bunding is a superior drive over bunding product designed for heavy vehicle movements. DIY or order with a DIY kit and get us to install it. We ship to you on a small skid suitable for forklift and can supply pre-drilled, pre-cut ready to go. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

rubber floor bunding on job site

What is rubber floor bunding?

  • A portable and temporary spill containment solution
  • Also referred to as drive over bunding. It is vehicle friendly, easily installed and a very durable form of spill control
  • Supplied including fasteners for installation

Rubber floor bunding creates a perfect barrier for wash-bays. It is also ideal when employed as secondary containment for liquid storage areas that contain bunded spill pallets or IBC bunds and water diversion as required.

Rubber Floor Bunding 40mm heightThe product is easily installed and is supplied in 5m sections or by the meter. Multiple sections are then joined seamlessly for a perfect watertight containment area.

Rubber floor bunding is 40mm x 120mm wide and opposed to square set bunding is not a trip hazard making it a more versatile option for spill containment.

When considering the right bunding for your business, take into account the amount of traffic and expected usage expected during its normal life cycle.

Rubber floor bunding stands up over time and is designed to protect the environment while providing vehicular access allowing for improved storage and transfer. We haven’t had a disappointed customer yet.

Two Stage Hole - Bunding InstallationHow to install Floor Bunding

The bunding fastens into solid concrete floors with masonry fasteners. The use of adhesives ensures it is watertight and leak proof

  1. Simply lay the bunding out flat in the sun for 30 mins prior to the installation. This softens it for easier handling and shaping.
  2. Ensure the rubber is pre-drilled with a two-stage depth. This should be 25mm for the first (15mm deep) and 8mm – 10mm the rest of the way through creating a shoulder for the bolt.
  3. 45 Degree AngleNext mark out and set out the area with a chalk line and lay the bunding out dry ensuring a good fit.
  4. Use the rubber section as a template and drill the concrete with a masonry drill bit 10mm deep for the Dyna bolt.
  5. Remove and sweep the concrete dust from the work area.
  6. Liberally apply adhesive and start from one end working the bunding into place securing the bolt as you go.

Pro Tip
It’s wise to utilize an air blower to blow the dust and make sure you blow out the holes ensuring the bolts fit. If you are doing the installation yourself, steel Dyna bolts will allow for a superior installation.

Trade Environmental can install your floor bunding at your premises.

We offer rubber floor bunding for liquid storage area spill control that is durable and tough. DIY or order it with a DIY kit and get us to install it. We ship to you on a small skid suitable for forklift and can supply pre-drilled, pre-cut ready to go.

TERFBRubber floor bunding40mm120mm5mtr
TEFFBFlexible floor bunding75mm100mm5mtr or 10 mtr
* If viewing on a mobile device please slide from right to left to see full table data.
*These products (both TERFB and TEFFB) are available by the meter.
Click here for explanation of technical terms used in table above

Technical Terms:

  • FREEBOARD: Distance from water line to top of the float chamber
  • SKIRT: Material used between the float and the ballast chain pocket (PVC)
  • DRAFT: Distance from the water line to the bottom of the curtain
  • BALLAST: Area of curtain closest to the sea floor, weighted with gal chain to ensure curtain shape and integrity
  • CONNECTOR: ASTM standard, Z-connector


Can I drive over it with heavy machinery?
Yes, we even refer to it as drive over bunding. But if it’s a known wheel path you can have some ramps made and fit over it. This sometimes works better than a sudden bump for forklifts and prolongs the lifespan of the product. Generally, as a rule, heavy graded earthmoving equipment is not advised to drive directly on the rubber floor bund.
Is it OK to use outdoors?
Yes, but it creates a watertight seal. If the water can’t get away then the area can pool up creating a hazard. Outdoor use such as wash bays usually has a floor waste allowing the water to get away. TRADE ENVIRO specialise in wash bay design and installations.
What adhesives do I use?
Some surfaces respond better to different adhesives. We use Fuller 303 for the best results (SIKA FLEX doesn’t stick well to the rubber). Ensure a continuous line – for best results apply in a zig-zag motion.
Zig Zag Glue Pattern for Bunding Installation
How long will it take to get it?
We can usually supply rubber floor bunding within 10 days. Installations need to be booked in advance.

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