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Silt Curtains

Sediment Curtain controlling silt plume

Floating silt curtain, sediment curtain, silt boom and turbidity curtain are all common names given to floating curtains designed to contain and control silt and sediment plume migration from aquatic systems during project construction phases such as dredging excavation. Trade Enviro specialise in the design, supply and/or installation of silt curtains to control silt migration at your project site to suit your demands.

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Sediment Silt Curtains with digger and truck

Silt Curtain Installation

We are conversant with typical project demands including installation requirements that take into account flow rates and limitations and measures required to control releases and ensure project time frames and conditions are the first priority. Silt curtain requirements can be time-consuming and Trade Enviro can also offer a complete and competitive service to design supply and implement your silt curtains across your projects anywhere in Australia to provide a controlled area for silt migration.


Silt Curtain in operation

Our range of silt curtains is suitable for long and short-term deployments with a full range that’s completely scalable. Project demands, timeframes and conditions contribute to the selection of your silt curtain. We offer specialized consultancy and support to assist with making the right choice for your requirements.

Float Size/Free BoardDepth/draftlengthBallastConnection MethodSkirt properties
100mm/PVC1mtr15mtr6mmASTMNonwoven 90 micron
100mm/PVC2mtr15mtr6mm/8mmASTMNonwoven 90 micron
100mm/PVC3mtr15mtr6mm/8mmASTMNonwoven 90 micron
150mm4mtr15mtr8mmASTMNonwoven 90 micron
150mm1mtr15mtr8mmASTMNonwoven 90 micron
150mm2mtr15mtr8mmASTMNonwoven 90 micron
200mm3mtr15mtr10mmASTMNonwoven 90 micron
200mm4mtr15mtr10mm/12mmASTMNonwoven 90 micron
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* Heavy Duty options available

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Technical Terms:

  • FREEBOARD: Distance from water line to top of the float chamber
  • SKIRT: Material used between the float and the ballast chain pocket (PVC)
  • DRAFT: Distance from the water line to the bottom of the curtain
  • BALLAST: Area of curtain closest to the sea floor, weighted with gal chain to ensure curtain shape and integrity
  • CONNECTOR: ASTM standard, Z-connector

Heavy Duty Sediment Curtains

We supply HEAVY DUTY curtains for heavy duty applications. We offer a range of inexpensive sediment curtains designed for short-term use to full-scale long-term deployment projects. Ideally suited to construction sites, mining, and industrial applications.

Our silt curtains can be used as an effective silt barrier in calm water environments such as aquatic ponds along with rivers, estuaries and open water conditions to control suspended solids and settle silt releases, Our curtains are built tough for Australian conditions with the highest grade materials available.

Silt Curtain Price

Curtain management need not be expensive but it is if you have to do it twice

Talk to TRADE ENVIRO next time you go into the water requiring silt curtains. Do you need a silt curtain for your next project? Do you have DERM release limits? If so talk to us, we can generally match any competitive quote on the market for quality silt curtains. If you need silt curtain price information for your next project, be sure to call us today.

Project Considerations

  • Timeframe? How long do you need your curtain in the water?
  • What’s the condition of the water? is it tidal?
  • Will I need a directional type anchor system or an embedment style anchor system?
  • How will a larger tide affect my curtains?
  • How much buoyant force do I require for the most effective result?
  • What ballast requirements do I have?
  • What impact will I have on marine animals?

You can still create an effective curtain barrier and ensure a safe passage for marine animals to pass under the curtain, The principle of a silt curtain is to deflect the water towards the bottom of the sea floor taking suspended particles with it. Only a portion of water filtrates through the curtain textile.

Water follows the path of least resistance and therefore when the water passes under the curtain the suspended sediment is closer to the sea floor promoting it to drop out of suspension and settle to the sea floor faster. Silt curtains primary design is to promote the settlement of particles without a large amount of disruption to aquatic systems nearby.

About Silt Curtains

Aquatic booms and barriers such as silt curtains are designed to control the movement of silt from activity in the marine environment; they consist of a floating chamber and a skirt that sits beneath the surface of the water.

The skirt is specially weighted to sit perpendicular to the water column and is usually made of a geotextile, woven or non-woven material.

Silt usually migrates within the first 2 meters of the water column from surface disruption. It’s important to control and settle the sediment so it has no impact on nearby aquatic systems.

Silt curtains are available with different length skirts depending on the application and different size skirts require different floatation and ballast.

Depending on the tidal influence, wind and conditions various anchoring techniques are available.


How do silt curtains work?
Silt curtains provide a permeable barrier, trapping silt in place. The barrier is anchored in place to prevent movement due to currents or tidal flow.
How much do silt curtains cost?
This is highly dependant on your requirements. Silt curtain price is typically dictated by the length of curtain required and other factors including tidal influence and wind conditions.
Can a silt curtain be hired
In some cases this is possible. Speak to us today about your requirements and we’ll let you know if this is a possibility for your project.
Can you arrange installation of my silt curtains?
Yes. We can design supply and install silt curtains anywhere in Australia.
What is the difference between a silt boom and a silt curtain?
They are the same product. Silt curtains are often referred to as silt booms or turbidity curtains.

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