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Need to stop silt leaving your worksite?

Trade Environmental supply a range of traditional sediment and silt socks made from geotextile. Our silt socks are over-locked on the edge and supplied with tie’s at the top of the tube to allow quick and efficient tie off after filling. We recommend filling the socks with aggregate from 10mm to 20mm. Trade Environmental can also supply filled socks if required, saving you many hours of work. Our socks are made from 90 microns; needle punched now woven 270gsm material ensuring a tough sock that stands up to Australian conditions. Call us today to place an order or inquiry.

Our socks are ideal for diverting water, protecting curbs channels and drains, aiding site runoff and meeting legislative site targets.

Also available 50mtr continuous silt socks: simply cut to size and tie the ends.


Washed gravel is more effective, and if you can get rock delivered to the site and they can be filled safely it can be handy. Use silt socks in conjunction with other sediment control products such as silt fence, coir logs, erosion control blankets and cloths to create a treatment train and an effective sediment and erosion control plan.

Rubber Filled Silt Socks

Silt SocksOur rubber filled silt socks are one of the most robust socks on the market and can be re-used time and time again saving time on traditional silt sock filling whilst providing a re-usable product… Simply wash it out and go again it’s that simple to use.

The Rubber filled sock is constructed as 1, 2 and 3mtr lengths x 150mm diameter. The rubber filled silt sock has handles for ease of use and is a premium silt sock compared to traditional geotextile socks. Filled with recycled rubber, these socks are highly filtered and robust making a good long-term solution for sediment control procedures around gully pits, stormwater systems, roadside curbs and much more.

The pre-filled rubber sock is yellow for hi-visibility around a site, the rubber also gives it enough weight to sit in place and the handles provide extra anchoring positions along the sock. The sock chamber is double stitched and the material is a premium grade UV stabilised shade cloth making it tough, reliable and fit for just about any application. It can also handle traffic.


Calculate the cost of aggregate delivered and the manpower to fill conventional socks when doing a cost comparison on traditional socks against rubber filled socks. The fact you can re-use these when normally a traditional sock is a throwaway item adds value again and again and in most cases is more cost effective long term.


+ How long will they last?
How long they last is determined by the exposure to the elements. Try to avoid heavy vehicle contact and wash them out as required to avoid heavy build ups. They will last for years when used properly and they are tough.
+ How expensive are they?
Rubber filled silt socks are a premium product and as a result of the manufacturing process and materials they are more expensive than conventional silt socks are. However, considering the time saved not having to fill them and the fact they can be re-used, rubber filled socks are actually a very economical long-term choice.

+ How fast can I get them?
We can supply normally within 10 days or sooner, let us know your quantities and we can give you a quote and lead time now.

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