Spill Containment

Spill Containment Products

Spill Containment

From spill pallets to floor bunding and vehicle wash mats Trade Enviro have the products to cater to all your spill containment requirements.

Our Products

4 Drum Bunded PalletBunded Pallets

The complete solution for preventative spill containment and management. 2 and 4 drum options are available along with IBC and twin IBC options. Rotationally molded HDPE and designed for easy forklift access.

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Rubber Floor BundingRubber Floor Bunding

Rubber floor bunding creates the perfect spill barrier for liquid storage areas is easily installed (supplied in 5 metre sections which are easily joined and fitted) to create an ideal watertight spill containment area.

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Temporary bundingTemporary Bunding

A short-term spill barrier / containment solution for a wide range of applications including drum and liquid storage management, capturing incidental spills from leaking drums and other storage vessels.

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Flexible Floor BundingFlexible Floor Bunding

A waterproof collapsing floor bund that springs back to shape immediately after driving over It. Flexible floor bunding can handle heavy vehicles and creates a NO bounce-Flex making it popular with forklift operators.

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Car and Vehicle Wash MatVehicle Wash Mats

Trade Enviro can supply a full range of strong, reliable and relocatable vehicle wash mats. Featuring collapsible sides and roll over style bunding our vehicle wash mats completely contain wash water. A temporary or a permanent solution made from Standard or HD PVC.

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Portable BundingPortable Bunding

Our portable bunding is made in Australia and is designed for Australian conditions. It features robust edge stability and is easily folded down to allow vehicle access. Standard sizes through to custom solutions are available.

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Plant NappyPlant Nappy

a self-draining portable bund / spill barrier for plant and equipment. It’s perfectly suited to outdoor conditions.

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Spill containment products for hazardous materials

Reduce your risk and protect the environment

Spills that are not contained quickly and efficiently have the capacity to cause serious damage to the environment, increase operating expenses and risk the reputation of your business with the public.

Your business may also come under scrutiny by the EPA, resulting in heavy fines and interruptions to operations.

Spill Containment Solutions

We offer a range of bunding solutions including rubber floor bunding, bunded pallets and short term spill containment solutions including our popular temporary bunding and portable bunding products to help you contain accidental spills.

Our vehicle wash mats, help business owners maintain vehicles and heavy machinery without running the risk of contaminants entering the stormwater network and can easily be connected to temporary storage e.g. holding tanks or water treatment products e.g. oil water separators or silt control.

Unsure of your environmental responsibilities? Speak to the spill containment experts at Trade Enviro, we’ll be happy to offer a no obligation consult.

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