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Spill Control System MODEL SCS600

A fully automated spill response system that detects, diverts and notifies of hydrocarbon spills 24 hours a day. * Also screens gross pollutants in the runoff mitigating gross pollutant contamination to the stormwater network.

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The SCS600 Spill control system by Fox Enviro is a trade quality spill response system designed to automatically detect divert and notify of a Hydrocarbon spill. Tried and tested over 30 years successfully protecting thousands of clients from leaks and spills.

The SCS600 is one of the most revolutionary products available for spill detection and response. The system screens debris and waste 24 hours a day through the silt basket allowing the unit to capture and retain gross pollutants as well as detect and divert hydrocarbon spills automatically. The system is fully automated working 24/7 for you.


Spill Control Systems such as the SCS600 should be installed during construction and should be considered in the planning and development phases of your project. We have full specification drawings, process descriptions, and information to help planning and implementation of your spill control system. To detect chemical or a range of water-soluble contaminants check out CMS600 below.

How it Works

  1. On the commencement of a rain event the hydrocarbon sensing probes are activated (meaning all water entering the pit is being checked for free-floating hydrocarbons)
  2. If free-floating hydrocarbons are detected a signal from the probes will notify the system.
  3. A valve opens a secondary outlet (effectively closing the stormwater outlet to the runoff avoiding contamination to the stormwater system)
  4. The system can be programmed to text mobile phones after hours in the event of a spill making them a 24-hour watchdog for your site.
During servicing and commissioning the system is thrown into live tests using test jars and fuel to simulate real spill scenarios ensuring you have a system that works and will work when you most need it. We can modify and customise to suit your site call us now.

Constant Monitoring System MODEL CMS600

Quality built, tested over years the constant monitoring systems stands on its own stage when it comes to spill detection.

Constant Monitoring System MODEL CMS600

The Constant Monitoring system by Fox is another highly reliable spill response product designed to detect, divert and notify of water-soluble contaminants.

Using the same Fox patented valve, the system constantly monitors the water. If a water-soluble spill is detected the valve opens and diverts the flow to a holding tank until the water quality is restored. The system can be calibrated to suit site conditions giving both the user and the system total flexibility and control.

The system utilizes a silt basket to screen pollutants effectively removing gross pollutants from the water feed. It can also be calibrated to suit the sensitivity of site-specific requirements.


Spill control systems have service conditions that must be adhered to. As an operator or an owner, it’s important you have an understanding of the service costs involved in owning and operating a spill control system. Usually, such a system will require a 3 monthly service and these costs should be added to the overall budget.

Talk to Trade Enviro today about the full-scale costs of owning and operating a spill control system including service and maintenance.

How it Works

  1. On the commencement of a rain event the spill detection probes are activated, meaning now all water entering the pit is being checked for water-soluble contaminants. (The system is in detection mode whenever water is being discharged to the stormwater network making it also a 24-hour watchdog)
  2. If water-soluble contaminants enter the pit a signal to the system opens the diversion valve and effectively stops flow to stormwater avoiding contamination.
  3. These systems can also be programmed to text mobile phones after hours in the event of a spill making them a complete solution to chemical spills on site. Customised options available.

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