Stormwater Treatment

Stormwater Screens

Need to screen debris, rubbish, and silt?

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Trade Enviro supply customised stormwater screens for pits that require debris, rubbish and silt control. Our baskets are made from stainless steel and manufactured locally on the Sunshine Coast. Our screens are largely used as pre-treatment screens in trade waste systems. Pre-screening extends the life of downstream equipment like pumps, valves, and filters. Our baskets and screens stop particles at the source or as close to as possible.

Removing sediment from any of these baskets is cheaper and more effective than using a pump truck to remove it from a holding tank.  (Designed to be retrofitted into existing pits and drains)

We can supply a screening filter for just about anything if you have the application call Trade Enviro

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Custom Options

Our screens can be built to suit your application meaning we can create solutions for small pits. They are affordable and a good means of making sure your equipment is protected. If you have pits with sensitive valves, pumps or other devices a screen can be a good investment protecting the more expensive equipment in the pit.


Our screens can be sized accordingly, however, once a screen is fouled its flow rate is restricted. Screen and filters, pollutant traps and the likes are like rubbish bags and need to be cleaned no differently to a bin in your family home. They are designed to collect rubbish but not treat rubbish. Manual removal is still necessary.

Trade Enviro supply affordable solutions and believe it’s not really a solution if it’s overpriced to start with. We use this philosophy on all custom design jobs and have the practice and practical know how to get jobs done at the right price and in time for your project.

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