Stormwater Treatment

Need to minimise pollutants entering the stormwater network?

We have a wide range of stormwater protection products from custom screens and stormwater pits designed to trap sediment and debris to manual and automated wash down diversion systems.

Looking for spill containment? be sure to take a closer look at our bunded pallets, the ideal solution for storing drums of hazardous liquids and mitigating your spill risk.

Our Products

Stormwater Screens

Custom built stormwater screens and baskets for stormwater pits requiring sediment and silt removal. Made from Stainless steel, our custom screens and baskets extend the lifetime of your pumps and filters.

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TEPT600Stormwater Pits

Complete stormwater pits including grate and silt basket. Treatable flow rates of 5L per second and better than 99% particle retention. Fully manufactured in Australia. A money-saving alternative to conventional stormwater drains.

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Automated Wash Down Diversion Systems

Robust and reliable washdown diversion for outdoor and unroofed washdown bays. The systems ddetecta wash down activity and diverts all wash water away from the stormwater network to a holding tank. Ideal for smaller washdown bays.

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Weighted Drain CoverWeighted Drain Covers

Effective spill management. Our weighted drain covers seal the stormwater pit preventing contamination. PVC with geo underlay and weighted gel. Provides an effective seal when undertaking a cleanup activity.

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Dewatering-bagsDe Watering Bags

Standard construction dewatering bags (270GSM), ideal for construction site sediment control. A range of sizes available up to 6m.

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