Stormwater Treatment

Weighted Drain Cover

Fast and Simple Stormwater Protection

The weighted drain cover is designed to seal the stormwater pit preventing spilled liquids from contaminating the stormwater network. Made from PVC with a geo underlay and filled with a weighted gel the weighted drain cover is surprisingly effective at sealing a drain long enough to successfully absorb and clean up a spill.

Weighted Drain Cover

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A lot of practices run the risk of incidental spills and think the only solution would be a very expensive environmental product or system. A Drain cover is an option for stormwater protection that is very affordable, requires little to no training and is extremely effective. Trade Enviro can offer spill kits and absorbents, rags and consumables to compliment drain covers for spill clean-up and completely packaged solutions if needed.  We have a complete range of drain isolation and spill response products available and can help almost any situation.

Weighted Drain CoverThe drain cover is supplied in a carry bag with handles and can be installed on a wall or post. The wall mounted option is handy if a wall is close to the pit and the cover can be fetched fast in the case of an emergency. The bag is weatherproof and stands up to harsh environments.

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