Silt Fence

Need a silt barrier around the perimeter of your worksite?

We supply 100mtr long x 860mm wide rolls of silt fence to contractors for sediment and erosion control either in bulk or as singular rolls. Silt fence is widely used to control run off from work sites that provide sediment and erosion control. Silt fence can be installed quickly and are inexpensive. Forming an important part of your strategy for sediment and erosion control.

Silt Fence

Our silt fences can be installed manually or by machine (silt fence installation plough attached to bob cat). We can help with all aspects of installation. We cover all bases when it comes to silt fencing.

Beware of cheap imitations

There are plenty of cheap and low grade silt fence options available. If you have jumped in for the price you will have jumped back out by now from the headaches. For new users to Trade Environmental we offer a 10% discount for you to try our fence and compare. Its 100% poly propylene UV treated silt fence.

Avoid Inferior quality, constant break down and job halting headaches every time it rains.

PRO TIP: Silt Fence needs to be installed properly in order to work effectively, if you’re not sure what to do talk to an expert. Your fence should be cut into the ground, not laid on top. It should be staked every 2 metres. Heavy build up areas could require more stakes, and also in some cases a double barrier. Silt fence is commonly used in conjunction with silt socks, biodegradable erosion matting and other principle erosion control products to create a system that’s manageable and wont stack the load on one product or perimeter barrier.


  1. How often do I need stake?
    Try 2 metres, use common sense and ensure extra stakes are used in hard traffic areas. It takes minutes to add a few extra and a few dollars compared to hours once it starts raining and your fence collapses.
  2. What stake should I use?
    Many choices, hard wood, 2or 4 face stakes, steel pickets? We say know your ground and what can be hammered into it, then work at cost, buy what you need and don’t under gun it. Call for options.
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