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Biohazard Spill Kits

Biohazard Spill Kits allow you to safely absorb, disinfect and dispose of biohazardous spills.

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What is a biohazard spill kit?

Biohazard spill kits are materials used to safely absorb, disinfect and dispose of biohazardous spills. They are also known as bloodborne pathogen spill kits and are sometimes referred to as mercury spill kits.

Biohazard spill kit contents

The contents of a biohazard spill kit will vary across workplaces and locations on a wide range of hazardous materials. However, the materials contained in a biohazard spill kit should generally include, but are not limited to:

  • Absorbents: These are sorbents made for absorbing biological materials in the event of a spill. They often come in many shapes and sizes, including large mats, thick pillows and so on and are an effective form of spill control.
  • Disposable Gloves: It is also used to protect the hands from coming into contact with spilled biohazardous substances.
  • Sanitising Surface Wipes: These are wipes used to disinfect surfaces that have been affected or exposed to a biological spill containing chemicals that have been designed to kill any bacteria or virus that is left behind in the aforementioned areas.
  • Sanitising Hand Wipes: These wipes are used to sanitize the hands after cleaning up a biological spill.
  • Spill Clean Up Protocol: This is an instruction sheet that provides instructions for personnel responsible for cleaning up biological spills. It contains detailed procedures on how to clean up biological spills.

A Biohazard spill kit includes additional items that are dependant on the location and site’s requirements. These additional items may include safety coats or aprons, shoes, dust mask, safety goggles, respirators as well as disinfectants, disinfectant wipes, bucket, waste bags with a tie and spill warning signs.

Why should your business have a biohazard spill kit

Emergencies happen in the work environment, they are more or less inevitable. It is imperative to note that emergencies involving spillages of biological substances, particularly body fluids such as blood, vomit, urine, and toxic bio-chemicals are hazardous in nature and can be very harmful if left untreated for any period of time. They can cause injury, illness and even death if they occur and are left exposed to people for a long period of time.  They may also contaminate the environment and create negative environmental impacts.

Health and safety rules require companies to put in place safety measures for cleaning up spillages of biohazardous substances to prevent them from causing harm to people and the environment. The presence and use of biohazard spill kits in the work environment help companies to comply with health and safety rules as well as to protect lives and the environment in the event of a biological spillage.

The spillages of biological substances such as urine and blood are harmful if left exposed to people indiscriminately. The use of biohazardous spill kits helps to clean up these spillages and reduce or eliminate their harmful effects. It also helps companies to demonstrate health and safety compliance.


The benefits of having a biohazard spill kit in the work environment are enormous. They can be categorized into social, economic and environmental benefits.

  • Social: The presence of biohazard spill kits in a work environment helps a company to showcase its awareness of health and safety issues. This keeps employees secure and confident of their wellbeing in the work environment. In general, employees who feel secure and confident tend to be more productive, leading to improved financial returns for their employers.
  • Economic: Companies with the potential for experiencing biological spills that do not have biohazard spill kits risk being slammed with heavy fines, leading to huge financial losses. As a result, the use of biohazard spill kits helps the aforementioned companies to comply with health and safety rules, thereby avoiding fines. Also, having a complete biohazard spill kit on site is a good financial investment for companies as it helps them to save money that would otherwise be spent on buying individual materials and tools such as goggles, safety shoes, and wipes.
  • Environmental: Biological spills spread very fast and cause land, air, and water pollution if left uncleaned for a long period of time. However, the use of biohazard spill kits helps to clean up biological spills as soon as they occur, thereby preventing them from spreading to other areas. Also, considering that businesses are going green and looking to reduce pollution and improve environmental sustainability, the use of biohazard spill kits is one way to demonstrate a company’s contribution to environmental sustainability.

Which workplaces should have a biohazard spill kit on site?

Biohazard spill kits are ideal for workplaces that deal with harmful biological substances. These include:

  • Hospitals, Clinics, and Surgeries: These work environments deal with a large number of biological waste spillages such as vomits and poop. The use of biohazard spill kits can help them to manage their biological wastes in a health and safety way.
  • Public Facilities: Biohazard spill kits are ideal for public facilities such as public toilets, schools and high roads that have the potential of experiencing accidental spillages of biological substances such as urine and blood.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Sites: The operations of these sites are prone to spillages of biological substances. For example, an injury caused by operating machines can cause blood spillages. Having biohazard spill kits onsite provides these sites with an opportunity to clean up biological spills to ensure they are clean, healthy and safe for use after any spillage.

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