Stormwater Treatment

PT600 Silt Pit

PT600 Silt Pit

PT600 Silt PitThe PT600 Silt Pit by Fox Enviro is a pre-manufactured shallow stormwater pit, combined with a silt basket. This is a complete unit ready to be concreted into the floor. It includes the grate and uni-seal (pipe seal) and has a treatable flow rate of 5L/sec.

With particle retention capabilities greater than 99% removal of particles >3mm in size the unit is highly effective whilst allowing water to freely flow. It’s rotationally molded from MDPE with a 100mm fitting ready for you to simply push a pipe straight onto.

Silt Pit Construction

Fully manufactured in Australia and delivered to your site or facility, this silt pit is designed for areas that have debris, litter and or sediment. The PT600 replaces conventional the typical stormwater pit saving considerable costs on of end line systems or other types of GPT’s in the network.

The PT600 can be used just about anywhere but considering it doesn’t have hydrocarbon retention capabilities we recommend it for areas with no vehicle access. They can be utilised across a site replacing drainage pits providing screening across the entire site.  Alternatively, they are good for wash bay floors also.

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Silt Pit Maintenance

Silt baskets require cleaning and should become a regular part of housekeeping on site. If you don’t clean them out they can block up like any other trash basket. Make sure you maintain for optimum performance and always remember to use appropriate lifting gear for silt grates as they are too heavy for manual lifting.

Available Configurations

Model DescriptionPipe sizeGrate optionsInvert level
PT600/100600 x 600 pit with 100mm fitting100mmClass B medium duty
PT600/150600 x 600 pit with 150mm fitting150mmClass B medium duty
PT600/100D600 x 600 pit with 100mm fitting100mmUp to Class D heavy duty
600 x 600 pit with 150mm fitting150mmUp to Class D heavy duty
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BPT600 Silt Pits

The Baffled Pollutant Silt Trap by Fox Enviro is a gross pollutant silt trap like no other. It’s a rotationally molded drainage pit combined with an inbuilt baffle and silt basket capable of retaining hydrocarbons from stormwater flow. This makes it well suited to car parks, hardstands, and areas where the possibility of minor leaks and spill exist. The system is very efficient at retaining silt and sediment, trash and debris and protects the stormwater network 24/7.

Designed to be implemented during design, the baffled pollutant silt trap pit is a proven performer and replaces conventional stormwater drains saving extra costs on drainage pits and end of line systems.

Silt pit basket Silt pit being installed 3D render of BPT00 Silt PitThe system costs far less than that of on end of the line system and feasibility studies have shown the baffled pollutant silt trap more economical when handling runoff from areas up to 1200m2 in size. i.e. up to 4 or 5 units on one site are more economical than a typical end of the line unit. Long-term servicing and management costs are much less.

BPT 600 Silt Trap Maintenance

The basket can be removed and cleaned and we supply absorbent pads for hydrocarbon clean up so you can completely service the trap yourself locking out the heavy-handed service contractors.


When considering the baffled pollutant trap remember they have a treatable flow rate of 5L/sec.

To ensure you correctly size the catchment traps you must work out the formula for runoff co-efficiency ensuring you don’t restrict or choke the stormwater network. Consult a hydraulic consultant or call us on 0434 314 803  for advice and information on the BPT600 Drainage Pit.

How does a silt pit work?
As water and silt enters the silt pit larger particles (<3mm) are unable t0 pass through the holes in the silt basket and are trapped. The finer, heavier silt deposits flow to the lower chamber where they are trapped due to the higher position of the inlet and outlet pipes. As a result Silt Pits require regular cleaning to avoid excessive build-up of silt and debris. 
How to install a silt pit?
Excavate and position the silt pit and inlet and outlet pipe on bedding sand or a concrete base. Seal the inlet and outlet pipes with Sikaflex or a similar product and backfill.
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