Spill Containment

Plant Nappy for Outdoor Bunding

The Plant Nappy. A superior product designed to capture hydro-carbon spills

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What is a plant nappy

The plant Nappy is a self-draining portable bund for plant and equipment. The Plant Nappy is perfectly suited to outdoor conditions. Hydrocarbons are trapped by the absorbent properties of the bund whenever rainwater passes through the product.

The Plant nappy is robust and stands up to harsh conditions. It replaces conventional drip trays around a site and saves time by avoiding hazardous cleanup. The absorbent liner absorbs oil and the liners can be squeezed out and re-used.

We also supply replacement liners making Plant Nappy an ultimate solution for outdoor bunding of plant and equipment.

Plant nappies are a lightweight, easily transportable, unique product. The Plant Nappies robust design gets the job done, and keeps site conditions clean and hazard free. The baseliner is protected with a non-permeable base which protects the plant nappy allowing only oil to absorb into it. The walls of the plant nappy are a permeable filter that only allows water to pass through. The permeable filter traps any oil, meaning Plant Nappies only discharge clean water.

We supply plant nappies anywhere in Australia FAST, we also provide replacement liners.

Pro Tip
Trade Enviro supply remediating floor sweep when ground does become contaminated. Remediating floor sweep is an absorbent designed specifically to treat ground contamination. Simply apply floor sweep directly to the area, till in and keep moist.

What size plant nappy do you need?

Available in small (500 x 685), Medium (1000 x 685) and Large (2000 x 1370)


How fast can I get some?
Fast. Stock is normally ex sunshine coast. Delivery is arranged quickly and freight is well priced due to the compact design.
How do I know when they need replacing?
Judge approximately how much you have spilt when re-fuelling and incidental spills occur. The liners visually display saturation. Simply squeeze them out and go again.

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