Spill Containment

Mobile Wash Bay Solutions for Cars and Trucks

Mobile wash bays built to your specific size requirements

A portable mobile wash bay system for cars, trucks, plant, and equipment.

Portable wash bay
Puncture resistant, tear-resistant, chemical resistant. Durable and reliable. Available with side screens and frames, ground sheets (for rougher surfaces) and treatment options such as oil and water separators, entry and departure ramps and heavy duty wheel strips.

Wash mat supply & quality

Trade Enviro supply reliable, high-quality mobile wash bay systems that assist with water reclamation and spill containment, reducing wash water runoff.

Our mobile wash bay systems can be packaged as a standalone product or a full-scale trade waste system including oil and water separator, pumps and associated controls.

Our wash bay systems save our clients thousands of dollars compared to permanent concrete wash pads.  They are strong, reliable and relocatable.  Our mats have a premium quality foam edge profile which enables vehicle transitions to be smooth and seamless.

Car and vehicle wash bay features

Black car wash mat

Vehicle wash bays (also referred to as water containment mats or portable wash bays) are ideally suited to auto detailers, car wash stations, and workplaces that are responsible for vehicle washdown.

Businesses that regularly wash down vehicles must have measures in place to address car wash water containment and comply with water runoff regulations as a result of wash water that is contaminated with liquids associated with vehicle washdown such as car waxes, paint correction, residue from foam guns, leather care and detailing products.

Car Washbay

Sides and Bunding

Our car and truck wash mat system come with collapsible sides and roll-over style bunding to completely contain truck and car wash water.

Temporary or Permanent Solutions

They can be used as a temporary or a permanent solution and are manufactured from Standard or HD PVC depending on the requirements of the application.

A mobile wash bay system can also double as a large spill tray or containment area for leaking equipment at short notice. We recommend HD construction if using for storage applications and wash down.

Trade Enviro supply ground sheets to protect your mobile wash bay if it’s being used on rough terrain and can supply anywhere in Australia FAST. We are specialists in vehicle wash down reclamation systems, with more than 10 years experience supplying automated and non-automated diversion systems for wash bays along with water treatment equipment and advice.

Available Sizes

Our mobile car and truck wash bays can be manufactured from standard sizes for vehicles (6×4) up to larger scale mats (18M x 6m). We can also manufacture custom sizes to suit your requirements. Our PVC doesn’t rip or tear and our containment mats are superior in construction.

Available configurations

ModelMat SizeConstructionWall HeightPump Options
TEWMC6x4Heavy duty/super heavy duty100mmAvailable
TEWMCL10 x 5Heavy duty/super heavy duty100mmAvailable
TEWMTS12x5Heavy duty/super heavy duty100mmAvailable
TEWMT18x6Heavy duty/super heavy duty
TEWMCUSTCustomHeavy duty/super heavy duty100mmAvailable
* We build to your exact size requirements
* If viewing on a mobile device please slide from right to left to see full table data.

Pumping solutions

12V pumping solutions for wash baysTrade Enviro supply 12V pumping solutions for your wash bays.

Our 12V pump sets have a Stainless steel base plate and an automatic float switched wired in with 3m of cable ready to power up use.

Protecting the environment from seeds and pathogens

Wash bays are used frequently for weed and seed washdown applications, proving popular with the CSG industry and protecting the environment. Seed and pathogen spread can destroy crops and cause extensive environmental damage, resulting in enormous costs and challenges. Seeds become stuck in the mud that’s often attached to the vehicle and if not washed down can potentially spread as the vehicle moves.


What do I do with the water after I have collected it - Collection and removal, treatment options?
This really depends on where you are and what the objective is.

Weed and seed wash down are required to stop the spread of potentially damaging weeds and plant pathogens. Sometimes a simple pump through the bag is sufficient for weed and seed projects.

Alternatively, a dedicated containment and treatment option may be required. The agreement with the landowner or environmental legislation determines these options. Standard washing applications may require a holding tank and an oil-water separator to treat the water prior to discharge to the sewer. If only using minimal amounts you could pay a contract rate to have it taken from the site by a licensed pump out truck.

Do I need a treatment system on a permanent wash-bay?
NO, but a cost balance between pump out and treating it does make sense.

For example, if contractors charge call out fees at a rate per 1000L you can work your cost based on a forward projection of the amount of water you intend to use (remember to utilise water saving devices such as pressure washers).

A treatment system connected to the sewer needs to be installed by a licensed plumber and often an electrician for pump and controller installation. The equipment starts from approx. 8K and you will usually require a trade waste permit which incurs an annual fee. If unsure call us for guidance on treatment system costs and options and we will quickly work out which option is better for you.

Do they last?
Our car and vehicle wash mat is tough and reliable but not indestructible. We suggest NO turning of wheels on the wash mat and cleaning the area of debris and inspecting for sharp objects before installing. Using groundsheets if possible.

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