Silt & Erosion Control

Silt Fence for Erosion Control

We supply 100mtr long x 860mm wide rolls of silt fence for sediment and erosion control, ensuring construction sites do not breach local council regulations. We can provide either in bulk or as singular rolls.

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Need a silt barrier around the perimeter of your construction site?

Silt Fence

Silt fence is widely used for sedimentation control from construction sites to protect nearby waterways, especially the case after storm activity. The product is cost-effective and installation is simple. The fence is used to contain sediment while allowing otherwise clean water to pass through unobstructed.

Installation of silt fence

Silt Curtain InstallationOur fences can be installed manually or by a machine (installation plough attached to bobcat), quickly at minimal expense. Silt barriers form an important part of your strategy for sediment and erosion control along with silt basins or traps.

Correct placement is important (along with regular maintenance). Essentially the positioning of your silt fence should be downslope of the main area of activity. In regard to sediment, disturbance placement will determine whether it is an effective tool for sedimentation control. The fence should be positioned so that it creates runoff, allowing for sedimentation.

If you are installing yourself, best practice ensures your height is maintained at a minimum of 600mm above ground. Stakes should be installed at 2-meter intervals on the lower side of the barrier. You should also embed the lower edge of the fence in the soil, and backfill as necessary.

* We can help with all aspects of the installation if required.

Beware of cheap imitations

There are plenty of cheap and low-grade options available. If you have jumped in for the price you will have possibly jumped back out by now due to the headaches using inferior barrier fencing causes. In the majority of cases if your silt barrier is not effective it is either due to inferior materials or improper placement.

For new users to Trade Enviro, we offer a 10% discount for you to try our fence and compare. It’s 100% woven polypropylene UV treated heavy duty silt fence.


Very little in the way of maintenance is required. However, it is important that your fences are manually inspected after storm activity or after particularly heavy usage. When this occurs you should ensure the fence is cleaned or sections replaced as required. In the event that your fence does require sections to be replaced, it means it is capturing all sediment before it enters the stormwater network.

Avoid Inferior quality, constant break down and job halting headaches every time it rains.


Silt Fence needs to be installed properly in order to work effectively. If you’re not sure what to do talk to an expert or your local council. Your fence should be cut into the ground, not laid on top. It should be staked (using star pickets) every 2 meters. Heavy build up areas could require more stakes, and also in some cases a double barrier. Silt fence is commonly used in conjunction with silt socks, biodegradable erosion matting, and other principle erosion control products. these products are used together to create a system that’s manageable and won’t stack the load on one product or perimeter barrier.


How often do I need stake?
Try 2 metres. Use common sense and ensure extra stakes are used in hard traffic areas. It takes minutes to add a few extra and a few dollars compared to hours if your fence collapses.
What stake should I use?
Many choices. Hardwood, 2 or 4 face stakes, star pickets? We say know your ground and what can be hammered into it, then work at cost. Call for options.

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